Re-boost your productivity!

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VHA 30 years industry 4.0
VHA 30 years automation expertise

Boosting your work floor productivity is since 30 years our mission.

For our 30 years anniversary, we want to share our experience in automation by offering 30 “productivity screenings” free of charge ! 

What it is?

Our team looks for a higher output at reduced operation cost, by smart integration of automation solutions (robot, cobot, AMR’s), or revision of existing machine and PLC controls, or  machine prototyping to your needs.

Practical information:

  • our engineers make an on-site screening = ca. 2 hrs walk through your operation floor
  • we select specific project opportunities and design possible automation solutions & prototype concepts
  • we send you a report with budget pricing and ROI calculation

Register now for your free of charge productivity screening! Offer limited to the first 30 registrations before August 30th 2020.