Tube Cutting Machine

Unique tube cutting machine by VHA

The VHA tube cutting machine is designed to label, to mark and to cut-to-length PA-tubes within 1 cycle. Depending on the received production data, the machine produces specified tubes in batch or in sequence. Different diameters and customized lengths can be handled. The tubes can be completed with a color label containing production information. Inkjet marking on the tubes is an option.

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Still cutting tubes manually? What about:

Decreasing production costs by cutting, labeling and marking tubes in 1 automatic machine

Safeguarding production flexibility, different tube diameters can be cut in 1 machine

Improving quality and production traceability with a track and trace system, by labeling the tubes at both ends. An injet printer marks data on both tube sides, adds operator info,… Our marks are touch dry.

Opening the doors towards further automation, by having one outfeed position for every tube diameter.

Limiting human error by automatically cutting in various lengths from 100mm up to customized lengths (in random order)

Lowering WIP by cutting tubes just in time (automatically triggered by your production needs)

Increasing your output by cutting 14 tubes per minute, 24/7 (average length 3m).